Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stumped Over The Built-In Phone Nook

My house was built in 1942. I have a built-in phone nook. In talking with my neighbors, pretty much everyone on my block has one.

I've read that phone nooks were done in the 1920's, 30's, and 40's. They were placed in the middle of the house, in a common but quiet area. The phone ring could be heard everywhere, but talking on the phone was out of the way.

Mine is located in the little hall area where you can choose to enter the bathroom or one of the bedrooms. The area is dim, so unless you turn on the hall light (I never do), you may walk right past it without noticing it. There is no electrical outlet in or near it.

I've asked neighbors how they decorate theirs. The answer...they don't. The same ideas I've heard over and over are:

  • a display of candles (can't light them)
  • a framed picture
  • some creepy holy shrine
  • jokes about setting and/or charging a cell phone there
Does anyone have any other unique ideas? Please post your comments and help me out.

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colorado said...

What to do with the phone shelf?

Perhaps put a glass shelf inside with some special memory items or stand up some loved books? Key holders come in a variety of thin decorative boxes, could hang one there. Find a photo like yours, one from yore, showing the phone and book and hang there? Another blackboard in green?

My elderly neighbor has one, she still uses it for her "new princess" phone. And knotty pine paneling throughout the house. Her home hasn't been changed since she built in the 40s.

I would not want to remove the character of this, so wouldn't change it. But it is obviously built between studs and the wall below might be opened up for shelves or a cupboard for more storage.

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