Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vinyl Plank Flooring In The Kitchen

I spent the weekend installing vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen. It's FABULOUS!

I installed vinyl plank flooring in my bathroom
almost 1 year ago. You can read about that Here. I received a lot of questions about the product, so I did a follow-up post Here.

After a year of use and abuse in the bathroom, I love this material.

  • Nothing has come loose.
  • No nicks or scratches. Confession: I'm notorious for tip-toeing thru the house in work boots with dirt & embedded rocks in the treads.
  • No issues with water damage resulting from squirty bath toys, watery footprints, and swimming lessons with Barbie in the sink.
I used the same brand of flooring as the bathroom, just in a darker color. Read the above links if you want that information.

My kitchen floor is ceramic tile.

I used my leftover floor leveler and built up the grout lines with the product and a putty knife. It took me about 3 hours to level up, and that included maneuvering appliances.

I let it dry overnight, scraped & smoothed the bumps, cleaned, and started laying planks.

I installed this floor in mostly the same manner as I described in the bathroom posts. Here's what I did different the 2nd time around:

Instead of messing with a tape measure and carpenter's square, I used my quilting squares. This allowed me to progress with better speed and ACCURACY.

Using traditional tools, I had to measure and mark with a tape measure, then use a carpenter's square to line up, square up, and cut.

Quilting squares are see-through, printed with smaller measure increments than a tape, and show angles. I was able to measure with better precison, square up, and cut simultaneously. My tape measure never saw the light of day. PERFECT.

Cutting planks to fit around corners, curves, and uneven edges requires precision. I didn't mess around with measuring, guess work, a
nd whittling edges until they fit. I laid paper in the spots, made templates, and cut. Any tweaking with my razor knife was done by the millimeter in a few seconds versus eyeball it, check it, whittle, check it, whittle, etc.

I used paper templates in my bathroom, but didn't realize their value until I was almost done.

In real life, the floor is a little darker and the grain pattern is not as obvious. I really lit up the room and brightened up the pics, so I think the color seems off, and the grain pattern appears exaggerated.

My favorite part was when I put back the wood base trim and saw the contrast between the bright white trim and darker floor. I'm learning that I love contrast in small doses. I've caulked the trim. Still need to re-paint.

You get a sneak-peek of the new paint color in the last set of photos...right there under Ava's pink jacket. I painted the wall at the bottom edges while I had the base trim off, and behind appliances while pulled out. Painting the cabinets white made the wall color seem dirty and cold. Again, photos aren't showing the truth. In real life the colors aren't that different. I have to walk up to the spots and look for the line between new paint and old paint. More about paint when I get to that project.


Larry said...

Very impressing work there girl.

patsy said...

Wow! Nice job. It does look so new....just what you wanted!

Marti said...

Wow!! That looks great. What I love is that you filled in the grout lines instead of removing the tile. How much time did that take? Did you put the vinyl under your dishwasher also?

Gayle said...

Marti...filling in the grout lines took about 3 hours. That included pulling out and maneuvering behind & around the stove & refrigerator...and a couple short breaks.

I did not install under the dishwasher, nor did I pull it out to assess the situation. I have planks left over, so I could if I ever want or need to later on.

gld said...

Gayle, it just looks super!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I just saw an HGTV show where they put some flooring similar to that in a family's living room.

How cool that you were able to put that down yourself! It looks perfect for your kitchen.

Ryanne said...

Would you recommend this for installation in an entire 600sq ft area? I am trying to decide between vinyl plank and laminate for our home.

Gayle said...

Ryanne...if I had that big of a space, I wouldn't hesitate.

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